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Springs Replacement

So you have a broken garage door spring, yet you need to get your kids to school or you need to go to work. You may think that your luck is so hard that you are the first person that this has occurred to, but broken garage door springs are standard. Garage door spring repair is one of the most commonly called for services in the entire garage door Industry.


The springs support 300 plus pounds in weight of garage door and are thus under high pressure. Anything that is subjected to pressure will break, eventually and garage door springs are not different. When your spring succumbs to the pressure, let our Philadelphia garage door repair provide you with on-time and dependable spring repair.

Garage door springs need to be handled by competent technicians

Whether yours is a torsion spring or an extension spring, we have the skills and resources to undertake a fast garage door spring replacement on all commercial grade and residential garage doors. Torsion springs run across the bar at the top of the garage doors. The torsion spring is under immense pressure as it is its tension that lifts the weight garage door. This high pressure is very dangerous when spring repair is attempted by an incompetent person.

Extension springs

Extension springs are placed perpendicularly and at both sides of the garage door. Like torsion springs, they lift the garage door as it is opened or closed and are also under high pressure. The act of balancing the tension of the spring and the weight of the door can be very dangerous when handled by people who know not what they’re doing. Let our highly skilled technicians deliver a high-quality service that will save you time, money and risks associated with handling garage door spring repairs.

24/7 Emergency Services

Your garage door spring can break at any time of day or night without any prior warning, yet you need to use your garage door to get into or out of your home. When emergencies happen, our repair service delivery staffs are on standby to provide you with fast repairs at all times of day and night. We have locally stationed technicians with service trucks loaded with the parts and equipment to help us deliver fast garage door repair on the commonly called on services. Call us now at any time and we will be on hand to offer a quick, quality garage door spring repair.

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